Kul u gradu (English)

With the aim of encouraging the development of the book market, which has been trying to survive in the last few years, and the best possible placement of domestic authors, a cultural and literary project called "KUL u GRADU/Cool in the city" was launched. Having in mind the location and recognizable status of the Ljevak bookstore on Ban Jelačić Square, we believe that with such a project, the bookstore is once again becoming an unavoidable gathering place for the literary audience and the wider interested cultural public. It is on this track that we developed a project that accompanies important cultural and artistic events in the city of Zagreb through regular monthly forums, and in accordance with them we host relevant writers (but also musicians, designers, film workers) who talk about current topics in the bookstore. Although the city of Zagreb is rich in many cultural events, we believe that writers are often on the margins of importance, although most performing arts (music, drama, film) have their origin in the story (prose or poetry).