About us

Mediart International was founded in 2014 with the aim of promoting literature, reading and multimedia creation in Croatia and beyond. We are active in the field of culture, art, international cooperation, education, science and education. The main goal of our association of organizations is various international literary and related events. Independently and in cooperation with the Ljevak Bookstore, a cult Zagreb bookstore, we have launched several literary and cultural projects; Europea u Dvorištu (2013), Zagreb Book Festival (2015), Kul u gradu (2017), Mala slova (2017), and we are collaborating on the European project Every Story Matters (2019).

Zagreb Book Festival is designed as a regular annual literary and cultural event in the city of Zagreb, which brings together dozens of domestic and foreign authors. One of the goals of the ZBF is to empower all segments in the literary sector; from the authors themselves, through publishers and translators, to readers as end users of books. In recent years, the Festival has gained its loyal audience, which from year to year magnifies this event and creates a real festival atmosphere. In addition to the literary program itself, the Festival has become known for its extremely well-attended panel discussions related to current social issues and lectures by esteemed domestic and foreign intellectuals, scientists and professors. As part of the Festival, there is a music and film program and interactive workshops for visitors. Also, a significant part of the ZBF program is dedicated to childrens literature with the aim of including the youngest members of society in the reading community as soon as possible.

Following this motivation, we launched thematic forums called KUL U GRADU (Cool in the city) within which we discuss topics related to cultural policy and the state of society with our guests; writers, intellectuals, journalists, activists, artists. Since our society, like all others, depends on the immediate and wider environment, in the period of Croatias accession to the European Union, we launched the EUROPEA festival dedicated mostly to foreign authors awarded the European Prize for Literature. Curiosity and openness to others are the foundations of the civilization to which we want to belong, and which, above all, is adorned with diversity in every sense.

With this logic, we came to our, chronologically, last project, which we proudly present under the title Every Story Matters, and to which every step on our path of dealing with literature has led us. The project in which we participate with related partner organizations from Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Belgium is dedicated to inclusion in childrens literature, and in which we are gathered around the idea that every child has the right to a literary heroine similar to himself.

In the full circle we have outlined for all of our projects, the focus is on the curious, critical and supportive reader who will expand to better the society of the future.