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In order to respond to the demands of the new situation caused by the Koran virus and the trend of digitization of cultural content and make it available to the general public, we decided to combine videos of events within the Zagreb Book Festival and all other projects we implement on this platform. We hope that it will serve as a specific place when you want and need to consume smart, beautiful and thoughtful content, whether it is individuals, schools or other organizations.

Mala slova - Slavko Sobin

Sena Puhovski: Djeca i mladi u doba pandemije (Kul u gradu, 2020.)

Kul u gradu – Mirjana Rakić

Kul u gradu – Slavenka Drakulić

Mala slova – Željka Horvat Vukelja

Mala slova – Jelena Pervan

Mala slova – Olja Savičević

Zagreb Book Festival 2020. – Igor Mandić

Zagreb Book Festival 2020. – Anica Tomić

Zagreb Book Festival 2020. – Tanja Jurin

Zagreb Book Festival 2020. – Helena Puljiz

Zagreb Book Festival 2020. – Robert Torre