In May 2020., we planned to share with you the sixth edition of the Festival with this year's theme Body and present a rich program in which dozens of domestic and foreign authors should have preformed. Our focus was supposed to be the relationship between body and spirit, (in) equality conditioned by the body, political and intimate segments of society in which our bodies reside. In the unexpected, pandemic situation, the topic proved to be topical, reminding us of the fragility of the body on the one hand and the incredible strength of the spirit on the other, as well as their, not always, comprehensible connection. As organizers of the Literary Festival, we deeply believe that art and culture, especially in such moments, can provide answer, meaning and comfort. The quality of our lives has in pandemic months been maintained by books, music, films, art in general. In this light, until the conditions are created to phisically host our dear festival audience, we decided to conduct a series of interviews with guests who will reflect upon short and long-term consequences of the crisis, self-isolation, distance we are forced to realize against others, contemplating the possibilities of a life that will continue to be guided by humanistic principles. We are proud to present exceptional guests with whom our longtime moderator of popular panel discussions, well-known journalist Morana Kasapović, will have conversations. The talks were broadcast in cooperation with the Croatian National Television and cultural shows of Radio Yammatin the period 7-11. June 2020. Most of the interviews could be read in Croatian most read daily newspaper Večernji list.